• Kings of War 3.5 Ed. Rules (KoW) will be used along with all current errata, published FAQ’s found on the Mantic web site.
  • Five Games: First round pairings will be randomly assigned prior to the event (and publicized if time permits). Subsequent games will be set using a Swiss System based on Battle Points with a secondary filter (if needed). Rounds 1-3 will exclude members of the same groups from playing one another (unless via 1st Round Challenge).
  • First-round challenges allowed between players, at the discretion of the Lonewolf GT Staff; must be submitted by the lists deadline.
  • Units/Miniatures do not need to be produced by any particular Miniature company.
  • Paint is not required, but every unit needs to be fully assembled with all of the appropriate pieces and properly based. Units not fully assembled are subject to removal from play by a staff member. NOTE: painting will be judged and factor into your overall score.

Army Lists

Armies may be no more than 2300 points. The following armies will be allowed:

  • KoW: Abyssal Dwarfs
  • KoW: Basileans
  • KoW: Dwarfs
  • KoW: Elves
  • KoW: Empire of Dust
  • KoW: Forces of Nature
  • KoW: Forces of the Abyss
  • KoW: Goblins
  • KoW: Northern Alliance
  • KoW: Ogres
  • KoW: Orcs
  • KoW: Nightstalkers
  • KoW: Trident Realm of Neritica
  • KoW: Undead
  • KoW: Brotherhood
  • KoW: Free Dwarfs
  • KoW: Kingdoms of Men
  • KoW: The Herd
  • KoW: Ratkin
  • KoW: Salamanders
  • KoW: Sylvan Kin
  • KoW: Varangur
  • KoW: Halflings
  • KoW: Riftforged Orcs
  • KoW: Twilight Kin

Tournament Rules

  • Withdraw and Allies were voted on by the players:
  • Withdraw (-1 to hit) will be in play
  • No Allies will be allowed
  • Tournament Reroll: Players will be allowed to reroll to a single dice per each of their 5 games.  In this one case, a player can reroll a rerolled dice (e.g. 2nd Nerve Check, or a missed Elite roll).  You must use a Lonewolf Dice on the reroll. 
  • Chess Clocks: Players will be expected to use clocks in play at Lonewolf to keep the rounds on time. Each player will dictate whether they will or won’t use a clock at the start of each game. Players who play on the clock for at least 4 games will earn Sports points. If you offer to play on the clock and your opponent declines you would still get the Sports points for offering. Up to 8 Sports points can be earned in using/offering to use clocks.
  • Army Lists: Each player must bring copies of their army lists to share with their opponents during the game, players failing to do so will be subject to potential loss in points.

Other Information

  • The organizers are checking all lists to ensure they are legal. Reference the FAQs on the Home page for details on list submission.
  • The tournament organizers reserve the right to disallow any army list that is deemed to be terribly unsporting but unless an army list makes us throw up a little in our mouths when we read it, if it’s legal, it’s getting in the door. (Some people just stopped reading, so they will miss the important part)
  • But that does NOT mean that your army list is “approved”. It just didn’t make us physically ill. Those are not the same things. No one is required to like playing against it, or to like you for bringing it. If you bring the pain, keep your gob shut when people cast their bad game votes accordingly…
  • Please note that the above rules are subject to change and will be updated up and until March 30, 2024. We reserve the flexibility to provide the best tournament for the participants.

Lone Ranger and Lone Wolf

  • The Hero of Texas, the Lone Ranger has elected to join your cause.
  • During the tournament you will be able to use one of these units alongside your army for all of your games. 
  • You must use the same character for all 5 games.
Lone Ranger 64+3+5513/15
·Texian  –Self inspires, Unit Strength 0.5
·Loner – Treat as an Ally for all purposes
·Silver Bullets – the Ranger armed with a Magical Repeating pistol: Range 16” Piercing (2) & Shattering (1)
·Individual (20mm or 25mm)
Lone Wolf 83+5613/15
·Texian  –Self inspires, Unit Strength 0.5
·Loner – Treat as an Ally for all purposes
·Howling – the Wolf is truly fearsome, it has Dread
·Thunderous (1)
·Crushing (1)
·Individual (cav base 25x50mm)

Heroic Feats

Once per game, your Wolf or Ranger may execute a single heroic feat. Feat actions or bonuses last for one turn and your Wolf or Ranger may not execute any other feats for the remainder of the game.

  • Bare your Teeth (Wolf Only) – Start of Turn: increase the Wolf’s howling to Dread (2) for this turn
  • Full Moon Rising (Wolf Only) – Start of Turn: Wolf gains Cloak of Death this turn
  • New Sheriff in Town (Ranger Only) – Start of Turn: all friendly units with 6″ gain +1 Nerve
  • Shining Star (Ranger Only) – Shooting phase: Ranger gains shattering (2) for this turn
  • Ok, Pardner – Combat phase: one friendly unit with 9″ may make one of the following bonus moves (including if they are locked in combat but failed to rout an enemy):
    • 90 degree turn (remain in contact with enemy)
    • 180 degree turn (remain in contact with enemy)
    • Sidestep +D3″ (remain in contact with enemy)
    • Backup +D3″
    • Overrun/ Advance +D6″ (only if unit routed enemy, or out of combat)