Fort Worth, Texas - April 28-30, 2017
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General Rules

  • At this time the "Beta" Lists will be allowed in the 2017 Lonewolf.
  • Units (i.e. the Miniatures that compose them) do not need to be produced by any particular Miniature company.
  • Units/ Miniatures do not need to be painted, but every unit needs to be fully assembled with all of the appropriate pieces and properly based. Units not fully assembled are subject to removal from play by a staff member. Also note, that while we do not require painting, whatever painting is present will be judged and contribute to your overall score.
  • The 2th edition of the Kings of War Book and Uncharted Empires will be used along with all of the current errata and Mantic FAQ's found on the Mantic web site.
  • There will be six games. The first round match ups will be randomly assigned the prior to the event (and publicized on the podcast TheBeerPhase Channel if time permits). The subsequent games will be set using a Swiss System based on Battle Points with a secondary filter (if needed).
  • First-round challenges will be permitted between players, at the discretion of the Lonewolf GT Staff and must be submitted to Staff on the lists deadline.

Army Lists
For 2017 all armies may be no more than 2000 points. Only armies from the following list will be allowed:

  • Kings of War: Abyssals
  • Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarfs
  • Kings of War: Dwarfs
  • Kings of War: Elves
  • Kings of War: Forces of Basilea
  • Kings of War: Forces of Nature
  • Kings of War: Goblins
  • Kings of War: Kingdom of Men
  • Kings of War: Orcs
  • Kings of War: Ogres
  • Kings of War: Undead
  • Uncharted Empires: Brotherhood
  • Uncharted Empires: Empire of Dust
  • Uncharted Empires: League of Rhordia
  • Uncharted Empires: Night-Stalkers
  • Uncharted Empires: Ratkin
  • Uncharted Empires: Salamanders
  • Uncharted Empires: The Herd
  • Uncharted Empires: Trident Realm of Neritica
  • Uncharted Empires: Varangur
  • Kings of War Beta: Twilight Kin

Tournament Rules

  • At this time the following sections from the "2017 Clash of Kings Organized Play Supplement" will be in play at the 2017 Lonewolf.
  • Rule and Unit Changes Page 39.
  • Artefacts and Spells Page 40 & 41.

  • Special Rules: Fly The unit can move over anything (blocking terrain, enemy units, friendly units when charging, etc.), but still cannot land on top of them. The unit does not suffer hindered charges for moving over difficult terrain or obstacles, unless it ends the move within or touching them. The unit also has the Nimble special rule.
    While Disordered, units lose Fly. Note that this also means they lose the Nimble that Fly provides too, unless they have it by another means(such as Individuals)

  • Army Selection: Within your main force, you cannot select the same unit entry of type War Engine, Hero or Monster more than 3 times. For example, in a goblin army, you could take a maximum of 3 War Trombones and a maximum of 3 Wiz heroes. You could still then take up to 3 Biggits of course.
  • Allies: If you include allies, you cannot select the same allied unit entry of type War Engine, Hero (all types) or Monster more than once.
    For example, in a goblin allied contingent, you could take a maximum of 1 War Trombone and a maximum of 1 Wiz hero. In addition, magic artefacts can not be given to any allied units you take.

The organizers are checking all lists to ensure they are legal. Reference the FAQs on the "News" page for details on how to turn in your lists.

The tournament organizers reserve the right to disallow any army list that is deemed to be terribly unsporting but unless an army list makes us throw up a little in our mouths when we read it, if it's legal, it's getting in the door. (Some people just stopped reading, so they will miss the important part)

But that does NOT mean that your army list is "APPROVED". It just didn't make us physically ill. Those are not the same things. No one is required to like playing against it, or to like you for bringing it. If you bring the pain, keep your gob shut when people cast their bad game votes accordingly...

The LoneWolf will follow the standard rules for Line-of-Sight and terrain defined in the Kings of War Version 2 Rulebook and FAQs.

Magic Items
Currently 3 Magic Items will be disallowed at the LoneWolf 2017: Medallion of Life, Brew of Keen-eyeness & Enscorcelled Armor.

Please note that the above rules are subject to change and will be updated up and until March 28, 2017. While there might not be many changes made, we reserve the flexibility to provide the best tournament for the participants.

News Location Registration Participants Rules Scoring Schedule Results