Fort Worth, Texas - April 28-30, 2017
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Welcome to the home of the LoneWolf Tournament of Texas. The LoneWolf is a Kings of War grand tournament in the United States, in the past LoneWolf was one of the largest INDY Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournaments in Texas, with a rich history of epic competition, top notch players and some of the coolest trophies around. The transition to Kings of War has done nothing to slow Lonewolf's momentum.

For more than a Fourteen YEARS the tournament has been operating as one of the premiere Warhammer tournaments in the south. However as all things change, so must Lonewolf, so in 2016 we shifted to being a Kings of War tournament. Don't worry, we'll still be awarding the most prestigious trophy in Texas and this year will be no different. Come be part of Texas Grand Tournament and Kings of War History!

The LoneWolf XIII will be held on:

April 29-30, 2017


Registration is limited
In order to ensure that each table is stuffed with the proper amount of terrain the number of participants will be initially limited to 80+ players. This resizing of the event will also help make it more social and friendly for everyone. If we have enough people signed up we will open up room for additional players.

As a result, we expect spots to be filled quickly, so go to the registration page to sign up and buy a ticket today. The LoneWolf will sell out once again this year, so don't miss out!

Keep track of all the Lonewolf happenings throughout the year by liking our Facebook page!

Results are up for 2015
Check out the final scores for the last LoneWolf on the Results Page!

Frequently Asked Questions
We have added a FAQ to cover questions that have not been answered on the website. Click here for the FAQ.

Images from past LoneWolf Tournaments
If you want to see what the LoneWolf is all about or remember the fun you had in the past years then check out the galleries photos from LoneWolf 2015 and previous.

Favorite Tournaments
US Indy GTs

The staff of the LoneWolf Tournament has attended many other GTs over the years, and if you find yourself unable to make the upcoming Lonewolf, we hope you'll take a look at going to some or all of these other excellent tournaments:

The Alamo GT November in San Antonio, Tx

Bayou Battles GT August in Houston, Tx

Captial City Clash September in Austin, Tx

Shiloh Slaughter January in Fayetteville, Ar

Wargamers USA Masters Circuit: South Region
The LoneWolf is an official member of the Wargamers USA Masters circuit of events started back in 2014 and still going strong into 2016. This will allow the top South performers of the LoneWolf potential entry into the exclusive end of the season qualification process for the 2016 - 2017 Masters event. Details can be found at Wargamers USA

The Sponsors!!

The LoneWolf is pleased to announce the following sponsors have elected to provide prize support for this year's event. Please make sure to visit their site and show your support! Details can be found at:

Mantic Games

Mantic has made a great game, and they've done an awesome job supporting the continued growth of our community. Mantic has been a great supporter of the hobby, not just offering prize support to events, but having a very hands on, responsive, professional staff. Lonewolf is proud to have Mantic's support, check out their various links below, depending on what you're looking for:

Direct link to Mantic Games Homepage

Direct link to Mantic Forums

Direct link to Kings of War Resource Page


Question? Click here to send us an email.

News Location Registration Participants Rules Scoring Schedule Results