Fort Worth, Texas - April 27-28, 2019
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Who runs the LoneWolf?

David Bowman started the LoneWolf in 2002 and is still the Director. Mark Cox joined David in running the events in 2010, but took a more active involvement with managing the Lonewolf in 2013.

Are chess clocks being used for this event?

Players will not be required to use chess clocks - however there will be bonus sportsmanship points earned if players offer to play on clocks in up to 3 of their games.

Additionally if our staff notices anyone having trouble getting through their games in a timely manner, we may elect to put that player on a chess clock in future rounds.

Is the LoneWolf a hyper competitive environment?

No. Every tournament will be competitive, but the Win At Any Costs (WAAC) mentality gets you nowhere at the LW. The goal is to meet people and have fun, while prizes are a plus.

Who is the focus of the LoneWolf?

The average player. The LW’s rules and scoring system were designed to give every player a fair chance and to lessen the advantages that tournament veterans usually enjoy in other systems. 

How can I help sponsor the LoneWolf?

Simply helping with prize support is the best way to sponsor the event. Anything given in sponsorship goes directly to the players. We also appreciate any assistance with sponsoring tables will high quality terrain. If you would like to help out in any of these ways, or others, please contact Mark via email.

Is alcohol permitted in the gaming hall?

Yes, but it must be purchased at the formal bar located in the Lobby.

I’m not playing, but can I come and watch?

By all means we would love for you to come and check out the fun. If you come up in the day or during the evening you are welcome to get in a pickup game or two.

What do I have to do in order to participate in the open gaming?

Simply show up, we've worked with the venue and will have Open Gaming all day starting Friday April 26. Just bring a Kings of War army, or any other game system you like. Although it will be much more fun to enter and play in the tournament itself.

If I want to run an event during open gaming on Friday, what do I have to do?

You need to contact Mark via email so that ample tables can be set aside. Whatever you run doesn't even have to be Kings of War; as people volunteer to run events, those will be listed in the Lonewolf announcement emails that will come out periodically prior to the event.

Will players setup terrain before each game or will terrain be set?

Terrain will deployed by players using the Dot Placement format. Terrain is deployed in alternating fashion just like you would army deployment. Stickers will be placed sporadically across the battle fields and players will take turns deploying the available terrain pieces until all of the terrain is placed. Each terrain item should be placed over a single dot and should fully cover that dot upon completion of the placement.

Terrain should never overlap nor touch other terrain.

You should endeavor to deploy any hills first so that Hills won’t end up in the deployment zones. Hills should not end up in deployment zones.

IF both players agree to have hills in the deployment zones, then you may deploy as such, ensure that the conversation is had prior to the first piece of terrain is deployed if you desire hills in DZs.

There will be 2 Obstacles on each table, once all terrain is placed on Dots, each player will then deploy 1 obstacle perpendicular or extending out from any terrain feature, or out in the open as long as it is 3 inches away from another terrain piece.

Is it encouraged to submit 'trial' army lists ahead of the due date so you have a chance to make changes before the deadline?

You can submit a list as soon as you like, as there is no penalty for changing the list before the deadline. We always like getting lists in early.

In what format should army lists be submitted?

Lists need to be submitted in Exel, Word or KOW2Easy format.

To what email address should army lists be sent?

Are there any army lists restrictions?

Yes, they must be no more than 2300 points following the standard rules. Lists may include Legendary characters following within the guidelines posted on the information page.

Will the battles be scenarios from the rulebook or will they be from some other source?

The Scenarios are especially written for the LoneWolf. They are most similar to a pitch battle with minor changes and added objectives. We make sure they do not change the rules or create a totally different game, but rather enhance standard Kings of War battles.

I paid (or signed up) but my name is not marked paid on the participants list!

 If you find yourself in this situation then contact us immediately at The website list is a reflection of a master booking keeping list and there was probably an error in transferring the information over (or real life might have delayed us in making updates for a little while).

How does the waiting list work?

Once the tournament is sold out, it common for players to have to drop out for one reason or another. When those spots open up, they will automatically go to the first paid person on the waiting list.

In order to get in the waiting list simply submit payment for a spot in advance of the spot opening up. The waiting list is first paid first in. Naturally, if a spot does not open up and you are still on the waiting list when the Tournament happens, then a full refund will be issued to you.




News Location Registration Participants Rules Scoring Schedule Results